A downloadable game for Windows and Android


What is Rebound Mechanic?

Rebound Mechanic is a little game where you as player must bring the ball into the goal. Your ball should just touch an limited numer of obstacles, becaus if it hits them too much you die. In the game you have different kinds of obstacles, for example moving, breakable or instand killing blocks.

I hope you enjoy the game and have fun.

!This Game is still in Development so bugs can appear!
    A little rebounce/phisic-Game for PC and Android 
    by Minemes.

Install instructions

Thank for downloading!

1. open the rar-file.

Android) copy the apk to your phone and run it.

PC) copy the Data-folder and the EXE to the same direction and run the EXE.


Rebound Mechanic.apk 18 MB
ReboundMechanic.rar 8 MB

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